2 Guys 1 Candy Cane

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2 Guys 1 Candy Cane
‘Twas the week before Christmas and no one was home,

I was horny like always so I picked up the phone.

I called up my buddy and told him come to my place,

if he had a desire to sit on my face. He said he would love to and was fast on his way,

so I broke out the the lube and got ready to play.

We had a few beers and laid under the tree,

and pulled out a candy cane sweet as can be.

I licked and I teased and I prodded his hole,

but the treat proved too sticky and started taking it’s toll.

“It hurts and it burns and it’s tugging my hair!”

so he tossed it aside and threw his legs in the air.

I slammed him and pounded him all through the night,

until his ass was spent and no longer tight.

I pumped and dumped loads of spirit in this dude,

so I hope this helps get you in the holiday mood!

Studio: Deviant Otter
Director: Devin Totter


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2 Guys 1 Candy Cane



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