Airport Security 22

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Airport Security 22
Romi Zuska is working in Airport Security. Filip Sebek is sent in to see him and shows his id. He hands over his
bag for inspection. Romi takes a look at it and then has Filip stand so that he can be patted down. As Filip
relaxes Romi overcomes him and when he comes too Filip is shackled and gagged and wearing just his underwear. Romi rubs his hands over Filip’s sexy body and then he stands and drops his pants. The underwear comes down to and Romi’s hard cock is shown. He shoves it in Filip’s mouth to make him suck it. He slaps Filip’s face as he makes him suck on the big, hard, cock. Then Filip has to suck the balls too. He sucks the balls and then the cock some more. Romi then pulls Filip’s underwear down too. He turns him over, onto his knees and spanks his sexy ass. Then he shoves his throbbing cock deep into that hot ass and starts to fuck. His cock slams deep into Filip’s hot ass and fucks him hard. Filip takes that dick so well as it really pounds his hole. Then Romi turns Filip over and shoves his cock back into the tight hole. He fucks it hard, going in right up to the balls. As Romi keeps fucking him hard and fast Filip wanks himself. As he wanks his cock Filip shoots his cum
onto his belly. Romi keeps fucking that ass as hard as he can. Then he pulls out to shoot a big load of creamy
cum all over Filip. Plus one more hot scene.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


Continued here:
Airport Security 22



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