Ajay And Chuck

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Ajay And Chuck
When AJay Hunter gets called into the directors office for being caught performing sex acts with male guests on the surveillance cameras, he has no idea that his bosses boss wants some for himself. When Director Chuck Collier presents the evidence against him AJay quickly decides that he will do anything to keep his job. He begins by unzipping Mr. Colliers slacks and sucking on his fat hard cock. Collier throat fuckes him good then throws him down for a bit of cocksucking himself. His naughty employee begs for the bosses cock up his ass and the bosses cock takes over as the boss of Aj’s asshole. He takes his time to slowly open the boys hole then pounds him deep and hard. He stands hgim up, turns hiom over and lays him down while he fucks the boy senseless. When AJay can takje no more of Daddy’s cock his boss lays back and strokes a fat, juicy load all over the boys face and open lips. Then Ajay lays back and while the boss fingers his hole and makes him blow a load of his own before having his sore jaws and used ass thrown out of the big bosses office.


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Ajay And Chuck



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