Alexey And Eli Flip Fuck

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Alexey And Eli Flip Fuck
The first scene shows the very first time Eli Channing got fucked. He had been dong videos for a month or so and had mastered the toys. He shot as soon as something was in his ass! Mark approached him about doing gay for pay and while he pretended to focus on the pay, Mark thought he was also interested in the gay! So one day when the studio was quiet, Mark taught Eli how to suck cock and get fucked! He was an excellent student and we knew a power bottom had been born!

Alexey Garamov, the Russian Cannon is expecting a chick to come over and massage him, but she sends Eli over instead. Eli couldn’t believe the size of the huge uncut cock that was hanging between the Russians smooth legs. But Alexey kicks back and lets Eli try to take his uncut horse cock in his mouth. Eli struggles and gags as he sucks him but he never gives up until Alexey is ready to return the favor. Now that the two dudes know each other, Eli gets bold and slides his cock into the blonde Russian. He fucks Alexey doggy and on his back before Alexey takes control. Shoving his huge meat in Eli is a slow process, but once he gets it in, Alexey doesn’t stop. He is relentless and unmerciful as he slams Eli who’s breaking a full sweat, Alexey fucks him doggy and on his back before shooting a huge load in the submissive Eli’s mouth which makes Eli shoot. Ever the good host, Alexey licks up his load!

The guys take a hot shower and continue making out and sucking until the end with a kissing embrace much better friends than they started!

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini
Eli Channing


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Alexey And Eli Flip Fuck



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