Alexey And Jay Flip Flop Fuck

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Alexey And Jay Flip Flop Fuck
Alexey has never looked better. The Russian cannon with his horse cock, blonde hair and perfect skin has never looked better and is looking for fun. Mark brings in a new model, Jay Diamond, who’s an MMA cage fighter. They hit it off on sight and are making out in no time. Kisses give way to sucking as Alexey drops to his knees, releasing Jay’s cock and taking it in his warm mouth. Jay’s in heaven and is soon rock hard and ready to return the favor! It’s not easy to suck that huge cock because it’s long and thick, but Jay manages it until they are on a soft rug 69ing! Alexey is the first to get fucked and Jay gets him on his back with his legs up. Shoving his hard cock in to the hilt, he gives Alexey a shudder of pleasure! After some intense fucking, he fucks Alexey doggy and really pounds him, making the hot blond go nuts. Fade to black. Jay is now on his back with his legs up, waiting to be fucked. And he doesn’t have to wait long! Alexey is used to having to struggle to get his cock in, but Jay is really tight! After all he’s only done a few toys and none were as big as Alexey! But Alexey is determined and he is rewarded with an incredible feeling when fucking the 24 year old fighter, who’s really a lover! Jay gets fucked doggy and then on his side as his cock stays hard through the pounding. The guys take turns shooting their white hot loads on each other’s faces and into their mouths for a sweet ending to a hot fuck. Unable to let go of each other, they head for the showers where they continue their intimate coupling. Wow!

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini


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Alexey And Jay Flip Flop Fuck



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