Alfredo, William And Gustavo

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Alfredo, William And Gustavo
While William is busy taking erotic photos of Alfredo, Gustavo sits off camera thinking about having a threesome. One thing leads to another and soon the Latin twink trio are kissing and stripping. In a long oral exchange, everyone enjoys a taste of the other’s big uncut cock, and Gustavo ends up sucking two stiff dicks at once. While William sucks Gustavo, Alfredo takes his sweet little ass from behind. The spit roasting continues with Gustavo in the middle and Alfredo taking up the rear. Then William has a turn fucking Gustavo, who is busy getting a mouth full of Alfredo’s cum. William pulls out and blows his load, soon followed by Gustavo.
Studio: OTB Video


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Alfredo, William And Gustavo



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