All Hail To The Ungloryhole!

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Today we’re trying to get Cody the best blow-job he’s ever had in his life. The Ungloryhole takes on all cummers. He has a girl but Cody is kind of tired of the same old thing. This guy wants to spice up his life. Fuck it! Why not stick your dick through a hole in the wall. That’ll do the trick. We let him know there’s a sexy chick waiting. So he walks to the back of the adult store and enters the room of the Ungloryhole. What a fool. He really thinks the sexy Alexis Faux is doing the cock-sucking. Not! Cody shoves his cock through the wall and Andrew takes over. The way Cody moaned. Seemed like Andrew really gave him what we said he’ll get. That’s an awesome blow-job. Enjoy!


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All Hail To The Ungloryhole!



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