Alonzo Alvarez And Chico Nemo

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Alonzo Alvarez And Chico Nemo
Alonzo Alvarez and Chico Nemo are cruising each other in the park and decide to go somewhere a little more private to have some fun. Alonzo gets right to business when they get to their room and unbuckles Chico’s belt to see what he is packing. He starts to suck on it to get it real hard and wet and Chico gets so turned on he starts to fuck Alonzo’s mouth. Before long Chico has his big uncut dick up Chico’s tight ass while Chico gives it a good steady ride. They go at it from a few different positions and Alonzo and Chico both bust their loads all over Alonzo’s stomach, covering him with that warm Latin nut.
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Alonzo Alvarez And Chico Nemo



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