Ambush Massage 55

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Ambush Massage 55
Martin Neal is such a handsome guy, with a great body too. He comes in for a massage and looks great as he lays on the bed wearing just his underwear. The masseur arrives and gets to work, taking oil and massaging Martin’s back. The hands work all over the back and on the shoulders. The finger goes all the way into Martin’s hole, then it is removed and the cheeks pulled wide apart. More oil is dripped onto his ass as he wanks himself. That hole is fingered again as Martin keeps up his wanking. With his cock rock hard from wanking he soon shoots his cum with the finger still fucking him deeply.

Libor Lisek came in for a massage. He lays on the bed, face down, wearing just his underwear. The masseur arrives and takes some oil to start working on Libor’s back. The hands work all over the back and the shoulders as Libor relaxes. As the hands glide all over the back they slide under the waist band of Libor’s underwear. The hands rub up and down the ass crack, over the hole and onto the cock and balls. It gently fucks the tight hole. With the fingers working his ass and his hand wanking his cock Libor soon shoots his hot cum onto his belly.

Dusan Polanek is in for a massage. The masseur arrives and gets right to work, taking oil in his hands and massaging Dusan’s back. The hands work all over the back and up to the shoulders. Dusan enjoys the feeling and his ass keeps lifting slightly from the bed. Dusan’s cock and balls are pushed back between his legs. His cock is thick and hard as oil is dripped onto it it and massaged in. The hands wank the cock and rub over Dusan’s hot hole. The finger fucks Dusan’s hole as the wanking speeds up. Three fingers work the hole as his belly contracts and the throbbing cock shoots a massive cumshot all over the place. The cock is milked until creamy cum is released.

Studio: William Higgins
Ambush Massage
Director: William Higgins


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Ambush Massage 55



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