Ambush Massage 56

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Ambush Massage 56
Matej Soner is in for a massage. He looks good as he lays on the bed to await the masseur. The masseur duly arrives and takes some oil to start massaging Matej’s back and shoulders. The hands glide all over the back and up to the shoulders. Matej looks very relaxed as the hands do their work. As the hands work on the base of the back they slide into the underwear too, onto the ass cheeks. With the underwear pushed down a little that sexy ass is on view as the oily hands work on it. The ass cheeks are pulled apart as they are massaged, which gives a glimpse of Matej’s tight hole. Then the underwear is removed and more oil is dripped onto the ass. The hands get back to work as we see the cock and balls between Matej’s spread legs. A hand slides down the ass crack to rub over the cock and balls. Then the ass cheeks are pulled apart too. Matej is moved onto his knees, showing his ass well as the cock hangs between his legs. The hands hold the balls and wank on the cock. It doesn’t take long until the cock is nice and hard as it is being wanked. Matej turns over and hold one leg in the air as his cock is wanked. That shows his ass off nicely. Then he drops the leg and has his cock wanked again. This time the wanking continues until Matej shoots his hot cum that shoots all over his right thigh.
Studio: William Higgins
Ambush Massage
Director: William Higgins


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Ambush Massage 56



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