Ambush Massage 57

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Ambush Massage 57
What a handsome guy Tomas Fuk is and he happily agreed to a massage. He looks so good as he lays on the bed, wearing only his underwear. The masseur arrives and gets to work on Tomas’ back, oiling it and massaging all over. The hands work the back and shoulders, gliding all over. As the hands work the lower back the fingers slide into the underwear too, squeezing the butt cheeks. Then the underwear is pulled down to reveal that sexy ass. The soft, downy hair gets coated in oil as the hands work over the sexy ass. The cheeks are parted, giving a teasing glimpse into the crack. The underwear is removed and Tomas’ legs parted with his cock and balls pulled back between the thighs. Oil is dripped onto the ass and balls and a hand reaches down to rub the cock, with more oil being dripped. Whaat happens next needs to be seen.

Roman Olenovic is such a handsome guy. He is in for a massage and strips to his tight underwear, showing off a great body in the process. Then he lays, face down, on the bed to await the masseur. Filip Cervenka arrives to do the massage and quickly gets to work.

Milan Major is one very hot guy. He is in for a massage and lays on the bed, in just his tight, white, underwear. The masseur arrives and kneels to the side of Milan, taking oil in his hands. The hands work the oil all over Milan’s back and shoulders as the massage begins. Alan Carly is the sexy masseur and he really does a good job on Milan’s back and so much more.

Studio: William Higgins
Ambush Massage
Director: William Higgins


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Ambush Massage 57



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