Ambush Massage 59

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Ambush Massage 59
Our stunning Martin Gajda came in for a massage. This guy is a real beauty and looks magnificent as he strips down to his underwear, showing his hot body. He lays, face down, on the bed and waits for the masseur to arrive. Apparently Martin has some back issues and the masseur quickly gets to work, with oil, on the back. Filip Cervenka is the masseur and his expert hands work all over Martin’s back and up to his shoulders. This will be a full body massage.

Peter Lipnik is such a great looking guy and he has a wonderful body too. He strips down to his underwear, showing off that hot body, and lays on the bed to await his massage. His ass looks so good it the tight underwear as he lays on the bed. The masseur arrives and takes some oil as he get to work on Peter’s back and shoulders. The hands work all over the back, coating it with oil. The hands move down and slide under the waistband of Peter’s underwear. Then the underwear is pulled down some to show that sexy ass. More oil is used and the hands start to massage the ass. The cheeks are pulled apart to show a glimpse of the tight hole as the hands work. Will he be fully relaxed after this massage?

Daniel Torka is so sexy. He looks great as he lays on the bed for his massage. Alan Carly arrives and takes some oil and begins massaging Daniel’s back and shoulders. The hands work all over the back and down to the ass. Alan pushes Daniel’s underwear down a little and begins to massage the sexy ass cheeks. The underwear is pulled off, and Daniel’s cock seems to be rock hard already. Alan’s hands massage the ass, pulling the cheeks apart to reveal Daniel’s hairy hole. Daniel’s cock feels the fingers rub over it as the hands massage the ass. Can there be too much of a good thing?

Studio: William Higgins
Ambush Massage
Director: William Higgins


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Ambush Massage 59



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