An Incredibly Hot Flip Flop Fuck

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An Incredibly Hot Flip Flop Fuck
When two guys want to fuck each other as much as these two wanted to, all you can do is stand back and film the action! Yep, the chemistry here is absolutely perfect and it really shows – Max and Trey wanted to enjoy each other’s bodies in every way possible. Not only did they both want to fuck they both wanted to get fucked and so they ended up having one very horny flip flop fuck!

Not only that, they didn’t care for a bed or a comfy sofa, they wanted to get it on anywhere, so as they walked up the stairs to find a bedroom they paused on the landing and that’s where they stayed! They begin by kissing and stripping one another, then max kisses down Trey’s body and to his bulging boxer shorts where he removes Trey’s fat uncut meat and begins to devour it…

They have a little switch around, then get down into some hot rimming and 69ing before Max asks Trey if he wants to get fucked. Dumb question! Starting off doggy style, Trey grabs the banister as he is fucked fervently from behind, before they switch over and Max sits down on Trey’s rock solid cock. He balances as Trey fucks up from underneath, then once on his back Trey literally fucks the cum from him, before pulling out and spraying his own load right over Max!

Director: Blake Mason
Starring:Trey (m)
Max M.


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An Incredibly Hot Flip Flop Fuck



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