Army And Freakzilla Diego

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Army And Freakzilla Diego
Army is chillin watchin TV till his boy Freakzilla comes by to chill with him. He gets the remote from Army and just start changing the channel. Army gets pissed and told Freakzilla that it was kinda rude of him and that he was watching his favorite show. Well apparently they both had something in mind that they wanted to do. Check this shit out. Army goes to work on Freakzillas dick and he lovin that shit. Freakzilla we know is a total freak so he even gets that nice ass of his eaten by Army while he strokes his dick. Well we all know whats gonna happen next don’t we. Rockafellaz doing it again. Freakzilla bring out his gangsta in more ways than one.
Director: Rock Rockafella


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Army And Freakzilla Diego



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