Ass Buffet

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Ass Buffet
Sean Storm is riding a hurricane out at Victor Cody’s house but so is Tristan Rule, Landon Kovak and married neighbor Dan. As the storm rages on the men gather in the great room but seeking safety is the last thing on their mind. Sean leans Tristan over the sectional and buries his face in his ass. As he licks and eats Landon Kovak joins the fun as does Victor’s neighbor Dan. Sean goes from one to the other devouring the ass buffet before him. But it is Sean’s ass that is the main course of this buffet. Tristan is first to bend Sean over and take his ass for himself. He shoves his cock up Sean’s hole while Landon shoves his cock in Sean’s mouth. The two spit roast Sean and Tristan delivers a massive load up his ass. Sean’s cum-filled hole is too much for Landon to resist and he is soon pumping away. He and Neighbor Dan take turns face fucking and butt-fucking him and then both get in his ass at the same time, double penetrating his tight little asshole. The men finally retire to their rooms after leaving their enormous loads running out of Sean’s gaping fuck hole. When Victor Cody makes his way to the great room Sean convinces him to deliver yet another huge load up in it. Victor sure knows how to feed his guests.
Director: Victor Cody


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Ass Buffet



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