AtticMen 48: Noah’s Arch

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AtticMen 48:  Noah's Arch
Another new twink in the AtticMen galaxy, Noah! Noah is a cute, intelligent and open-minded guy we met on a casting call in a southern mid-size city, where he is a student, getting his degree in business. He is smooth, very smooth, pubes and all, and has a PA on the tip of his 8’’ cock. Since he is all of 19, I decided it would be hot to pair him with a daddy-figure, so Patrick volunteered. Patrick, who so enjoys bottoming, gives Noah the royal treatment, sucking his cock, kissing him, sucking his nipples, until finally, enough is enough, Noah fucks Patrick, and I mean fucks him, in every position imaginable, bareback, naturally, with the PA still in! He is fucking him so rough he doesn’t even have time to pull out when he cums, shooting his load up Patrick’s ass (Patrick sticks his finger down there to taste it!) The guys end up in the shower, where they soap each other down before sending the camera on its way.
Studio: Attic Men


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AtticMen 48: Noah’s Arch



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