Austin Wilde’s Barebacking Twinks

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Austin Wilde's Barebacking Twinks
These two really hit it off during their time together. Their chemistry was great off camera, and even better in bed. We all went to the movies, hit the beach, and then back to the house where they finally got to ravage each other. Once Colton’s cock gets hard, it doesn’t go away— even after he cums, as you’ll see when he keeps fucking afterwards. It’s amazing watching Zach pull on Colton’s ass cheeks to try and get it deeper in his hole as he’s getting fucked. Besides the kissing and overall passion of their sex, the best part might be when Colton pulls out, blows his load, then sticks it back in and goes for round 2…

Peter is a very curious guy- especially when it comes to sex. He’s new to exploring gay sex, but says he’s really enjoying it. He also really enjoys being aggressive in bed, so it only made sense to let him have his way with one of our most insatiable bottoms, Elliott Blue. Their sexual chemistry was fucking insane, which was obvious as they ravaged each other all over the bed. Between the constant kissing, rimming, raw fucking, and Peter fucking the cum out of Elliott at the end, I don’t know what was hotter. Peter blew his load all over Elliott’s hole, and then worked the cum in with his still fingers and still throbbing cock. If you like watching boys shower and fucking, watch until the end!

There’s no better way to break in the new guy than giving him an adorably cute, big-dicked bottom like Zach. Before watching them fuck, we kicked it at the park to get to know Kody a bit, and to find out what their exact type of guys were (that part is pretty entertaining). This video was literally the quickest one we’ve ever filmed. We turned on the cameras, and they just went for it from start to finish without really stopping. That’s how you know it’s good fucking. Zach took both loads on his nice, hairless abs, and then Kody was nice enough to clean it all up and use it as lube to fuck back into him at the end.

Director: Austin Wilde


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Austin Wilde’s Barebacking Twinks



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