Austin Wilde’s Favorite 3-Ways 2

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Austin Wilde's Favorite 3-Ways 2
Aside from the obvious, there’s always a certain level of satisfaction in fucking boyfriends. Especially when you can just pull your cock out of one, take a step to the side, and start fucking the other all in the same breath. It’s pretty fucking hot as you’ll see here. I think Austin R. and Jaxx were pretty anxious to get into Austin’s pants, and play with and take his huge cock. The look of joy on their faces when it came out explains it all! They’re both great tops, but they’re exceptional bottoms! Austin pretty much had his way with them, fucking loads out of them both, and then blowing his own all over Jaxx’s hole…which was cleaned up by Austin R’s mouth. Drenched in sweat and cum, I think they all had fun 😉

Ian is a quiet one, but he’s the kind of quiet that doesn’t last long when you throw a couple big dicks at him. Dillon bent Ian over to eat his ass for a couple minutes before penetrating him from the back, while Leo penetrated him from the front. They wasted no time and got straight into the fucking right off the bat… and that’s ok. After countless positions of fucking, Leo pounded the cum out of Ian, then pulled out and shot the biggest load we’ve ever seen all over his back! Don’t miss the behind the scenes footage too!

Austin and Anthony were doing what they are always doing- about to have sex. But who would complain about Rod Daily walking in and willing to join? Rod came in and ate Anthony’s ass for a couple minutes before just sticking it in and fucking him. Then they swapped spots and Austin fucked him. They finished off with Anthony fucking Rod until he came….then Anthony pulled out and both he and Austin came all over Rod. It’s another real-sex scene, so it’ll be difficult to not enjoy!


Austin Wilde’s Favorite 3-Ways 2



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