Austin Wilde’s Favorite 3-Ways

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Austin Wilde's Favorite 3-Ways
There’s a lot of cock in this video. (25 inches to be exact). We took the boys out to the mountains to play and do a photo shoot, and on the way back, Lance decided to whip JJ’s 10″ cock out and play with it (naturally, we filmed it). JJ’s 10″ and Dalton’s fat 8″ was a lot to take, but Lance did it with pleasure! Dalton power-fucked Lance doggy style and then blew his load all over his back while JJ offered Lance his load all over his rock hard abs…

There’s nothing hotter than putting 3 guys on a bed who really want to fuck each other… and then letting them do just that. We’ve had Tyler here a few times taking one big cock at a time, but this time we wanted to give him several at once. (A bottom’s dream, right)? The title of this video pretty much describes the entire thing. The cameraman even whips out his cock toward the end to do some fucking. We ended with two VERY happy, cum covered and filled bottoms.

What’s better than a big cock? (2 big cocks). And what better to do with them than give them to a willing power bottom like Brendan Phillips? Nearly every hole here was filled with a cock at one time or another! At one point, Austin literally pulled Buck’s cock out of Brendan’s ass, and mounted him doggy style to fuck him senseless. Buck’s cock is so big, both Brendan and Austin used it as a handle while fucking him…which resulted in Austin blowing his entire load inside of him. This might be one of the hottest, straight-to-the-point fuck fest videos we’ve posted thus far. Definitely make sure you watch Buck’s reaction as he’s completely overwhelmed when Austin dumps his load inside him!

Director: Austin Wilde


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Austin Wilde’s Favorite 3-Ways



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