Bad Boys Dicked Hard

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Bad Boys Dicked Hard
“Lately all of us House Managers are getting sick and tired of this missing curfew thing. Maybe it’s the day and age we live in? All these young guys grow up not learning punctuality? What, can you just waltz into class 10 minutes late and the teacher says it’s fine? (On the other hand, I’m sure most of these bozos were suspended for just that. Half of them can barely read let alone do basic math.) The derelict in question is just another in a long string of serial bad boys.

Confucius used to say (or at least that’s what it says on the free inspirational posters we get from AA): “if there is no fear, how can there be comfort?” Then again, maybe that was on a Hallmark card. At any rate, I got the drift upon reading it: You gotta make these fuckers afraid of you, that way you can manage the House in comfort. Or rather, if these dolts are afraid of the House Managers, they won’t be so uncomfortable walking and sitting down after their precious assholes get blown to smithereens.”

Director: Shane Aaron


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Bad Boys Dicked Hard



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