Beau Bearden And Dale Savage

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Beau Bearden And Dale Savage
These two daddies have lots of fun bonding with each other (in a way only daddies can) in this hot scene from Natural Born Breeders.

In a hotel room in Denver, Colorado, these two dad-buds (Beau Bearden and Dale Savage) hide out to get away from their daily lives, fool around and blow off some steam together. Beau and Dale get right down to business. They admire each other’s big muscular bodies, groping each other’s muscles, playing with their big chests, and playfully kiss each other with their scruffy faces while moaning and grunting with deep virile (bearish) sounds.

Dale gets Beau on his back in the bed, and sucks on his big daddy-bear dick, making Beau growl loudly.

Dale wants Beau’s cock in him, eager for his big dick to hit those spots deep inside his ass. He can’t wait for it to get inside his tight hole, and sits on Beau’s cock, riding the bear, while grabbing onto his big body. After Dale rides Beau for a bit, Beau grabs onto Dale and pounds him, his balls bouncing and smacking against Dale’s hard round ass, as he thrusts his dick up into it.

Beau and Dale fuck in all sorts of positions all over the hotel bed. The muscled daddy bear loves topping the horny silver daddy, and giving him exactly what he wants.
(“Burry that thing in there,” Dale grunts, as Beau has him on his back, complying with Dales’ needs and burying his bone deep inside him.)

Beau pounds Dale, on his belly (Beau’s big bubble butt flexing and bouncing as he fucks Dale’s nice round, tight ass) until he’s ready to cum, and breeds his buddy, sharing his seed with him. As one daddy breeds the other, both let out loud, satisfied moans (“Fuck yeah man!” Dale grunts as Beau releases his load on and in him).

These two dads will make you wish they met up to “bond ” and fuck a load out of each other more often.


The rest is here:
Beau Bearden And Dale Savage



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