Becoming Used

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Becoming Used
As long as a resident sticks with the program, no one much cares. But even the good ones eventually make a mistake. When they finally fuck it up, we begin their straight boy hole training. They usually look scared shitless at first. Bent over, exposing their virgin cunts, the frightened look on their faces eggs the House Managers on. These guys know they are about to become used. We’re pretty sure they had no fucking clue that they’d be getting ass banged during recovery. Better to let him know soon enough, though, right? They are always out of their element, and usually very fuckable. Most of them, surprisingly, take on the bitch role like a natural. The more they get smacked around, the more the Managers want to smack them around. Only a few minutes in and we usually have these bitches-in-training backing up on cock like they are Hollywood waiters looking for a big break.
Director: Shane Aaron


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Becoming Used



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