Best Of Will Braun

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Best Of Will Braun
Everyone, meet Will. Will, this is everyone. It only took about 8 months of coaxing, but we finally got him in front of our cameras. This is just a little introductory interview/jerk off because, well, why not? We were hanging out at the house and, being his first time in front of something other than a webcam, we both agreed (it was obviously my idea) that he should get naked and practice. And next thing you know, he’s lying completely naked and cumming on my desk

Will, who has quickly become a fan favorite with only one scene out until now, is back for some more action. And this time with the ever so sexy Anthony Romero. As most sex does, it starts out with passionate kissing. As Anthony kisses down Will’s body, Anthony tells him “let me do it,” as he rubs Will’s cock through his shorts and eventually takes it out to suck it. It doesn’t take long before Will is enjoyably eating Anthony’s ass before he fucks him. After about 15 minutes of fucking, Will pulls out and cums all over Anthony’s back. Enjoy!

This scene was not only Will’s first time doing porn, but it was his first sexual experience with another man. It was obvious he was a bit nervous at first, but after Austin took control, he loosened up and both guys enjoyed themselves quite a bit. Everyone did everything to everyone in this scene, including Will getting rimmed for the first time ever (as if you could miss it, watch the smile on his face during it). And at the end, Will cums all over Austin’s face and in his mouth, which was actually a first for Austin! The foreplay in the scene is possibly just as hot as the fucking. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.


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Best Of Will Braun



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