Bi-Sexually Active 2

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Bi-Sexually Active 2
Two gay men are arrested for leud behavior in a small Georgia town. Locked up and awaiting to see the judge they find themselves being approached by a very eager female police officer. Seems she likes watching men have sex with each other. And joining in.

Astrids’ gay best friend is going through a very traumatic time. Seems his new flame has dumped him so he comes over to stay with Astrid for a few days. It’s naked time by the pool and mimosas. When Astird’s husband comes home he is not too happy to discover that gay Tony is now crashing at his place. Great. Then to make matters worse Astrid hits him up again to have a bisexual threesome. What the fuck!? But realizing how happy it would make his wife Colby, being a modern man, goes along with it. Fine, I’ll let gay Tony suck my cock if it makes you happy. Turns into a lot more than that as the afternoon turns into one hot bisexual orgy of love.

When a male teacher is caught having homosexual sex with his student by a young coed all sexual barriers are broken. Seems this sorority girl came to college to experiment and she is definitely down to get dirty. The two gay men are more than happy to let this little slut into their classroom sex romp and soon enough her pussy is being pounded by both men and she gets to bathe in a glorious spray of man cum.


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Bi-Sexually Active 2



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