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Bo Dean is tough, aggressive and a total man-magnet. All of these men have one thing in common- they want to get fucked by Bo. Whether it’s clean-cut Alton Cox, bad boy Dak Ramsey, preppy Tory Mason, or gym rats Dane and Brock, Bo pounds ’em hard and furiously. Will these hungry bottoms be able to handle Bo on top? See how long they can take it!

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This clip from Bo On Top by Cocksure Men features Bo Dean and Brock Heart in a horny threeway anal scene, making a horny train in the locker room, filling those tight asses and making those cocks rock-hard.

Stars: Brock Heart Bo Dean

Categories: Safe Sex Anal Muscles

Scene Number: 4

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Cocksure Men


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Bo On Top



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