Booty Camp

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Booty Camp
Take a moment and imagine you are the hot pornstar Micha Brandt. You are camping with your butt buddy Zander Cole. You are all snuggled up close in your tent but, you can’t sleep. The noises of the woods are keeping you up. Zander is up too and he is feeling quite frisky. Soon, you feel Zander’s hands getting crawly all over you. You didn’t expect a hot encounter but, you sure are up for one. You camp mate is quite sexy, and he does have a big dick. He starts getting ready to go, and uses his hands and mouth to awaken the sexiness that lives inside you. Sure, you agreed to go on a camping trip with Zander because you think he’s cute. You just never expected he would actually be able to fuck him! The name should have given it away…this is Booty Camp after all! You’re in for one of the hottest sex sessions of your lifetime! Booty Camp is a great VR Porn movie starring two hot studs that you can see in Ultra 4K in your VR headset. It looks amazing on the HTC Vive, Oculus, or Daydream, and heck, it even looks perfect on Google Cardboard, enjoy this VR Porn Video with any device that you have! Go ahead and plug your phone into it and access to some of the hottest VR Gay sex! It will make you feel like you are really there, and watching it live in front of your face. What could be better than that? Get your headset, and get to fapping!

Studio: VR Bangers


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Booty Camp



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