Bound Gods: Alexander Gustavo’s Nightmare

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Bound Gods: Alexander Gustavo's Nightmare
Christian Wilde just finished a long graveyard shift, and now he needs to unwind. Lucky for Christian, he has a plaything awaiting him in his dingy apartment…Alexander Gustavo. Alexander Gustavo is locked away in a chest, and just waiting to be broken out. Christian wrests the stud out from the chest and binds him to a cabinet in his room. Alexander tries to resist the horrifying plans that Christian has in mind to his vulnerable body. Christian twists Alexander’s nipples and wickedly plays with his balls in his work boots. Christian brings out the taser, zapping Alexander’s pecs and balls mercilessly. After a deep face fucking, Christian immorally performs acts that bring Alexander’s nerves to the brink of no return. Christian traces a cattle prod around Alexander’s balls before delivering a sinful shock of electricity. Christian ties Alexander over his bed posts. Christian gives Alexander a heartless whipping and flogging. Christian then ravages Alexander with the modified hardware of a “fucksaw”, pulling the trigger to full power! Now with Alexander’s hole prepared for Christian’s massive cock, the scene ends when Alexander takes a mean fucking over a web of ropes.
Studio: KinkMen
Bound Gods


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Bound Gods: Alexander Gustavo’s Nightmare



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