Bound Muscle: The Gauntlet

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Bound Muscle: The Gauntlet
Four chambers of diabolical restraint. Four muscled men with something to prove. Each enters a chamber to be tied up and tested in two round of restrictive bondage and sadistic punishment.

ROUND 1: Escape the trial of the chamber where the only hope rests in a key frozen in a block of ice and out of reach. Hogties. Rubber straps. Locked chains. The weak are culled. The strong move on.

ROUND 2: Erik Kelso, tied to a fire ladder, waits to face the sadistic cock and ball punishment of the Xtinguisher. Franco Dax, lased to a steel cross, suffers as his nipples are clumped, weighted, and flogged by Endzone. Who will submit first?

There can only be one winner, and some men will do anything to become sole champion of THE GAUNTLET.

Director: Jim Rhatt


Excerpt from:
Bound Muscle: The Gauntlet



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