Boy Gusher – Binx

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Guy in Bed

Guy in Bed

Binx is a hot guy who loves to jerk off, ad he loves having his cock stroked. He was hanging out in bed when his roommate came in with a camera and started looking at him and filming him. As Binx pulled back his blanket he showed off her hot little boxers and killer body.

He starts rubbing his cock through his underwear, but his roommate has other things in mind. He set the camera down so it was aimed at Binx and his fine body then he pulled Binx’s boxers down and started teasing his cock. Binx laid back like a king and let him tease that cock. He put a little lube on his hand, gripped that cock and started stroking him. Binx lets out a little moan as he starts getting rock hard. His roommate loves giving a gay handjob and is very skilled at it.

Gay Handjob

Straight Guy Cumming

Binx was so hard he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for very long, but he wanted to enjoy the moment as much as possible so he relaxed himself and just let the waves of pleasure crash over him as his cock got stroked faster and faster.

His roommate could feel Binx about to burst so he tightened his grip and with his free hand he reached down and started massaging his balls. The feel of that hand rubbing is balls while he got stroked sent him over the edge and he came hard. He shot his hot load all over his body and let his roommate continue to stroke him until he had milked every last drop out of him.


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Boy Gusher – Binx



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