Boy Gusher – Justin And Jacob

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In this update Jacob repays Justin’s sweet cock sucking with his own. After cumming hard for Justin in our last update, he slides right on over to have a go at Justin’s hard cock. It doesn’t take him long to pull down Justin’s khaki shorts and begin stroking on his cock. Jacob does a great job of getting Justin’s dick hard and throbbing with his excellent cock sucking skills. He has Justin moaning and squirming in a matter of minutes. I think Jacob took some ideas from Justin’s excellent suck and jerk job and applied them to Justin’s cock.

Jacob takes his sweet time playing with Justin’s now hard cock. He uses his tongue to tease the head of Justin’s cock before he strokes on that meat some more. He strokes and sucks at the same time causing Justin to moan yet again. Jacob really got into giving Justin this jerk and blow job. He tried all kinds of different techniques and each time Justin would moan Jacob would try something different to see if he could get him to moan again. It really didn’t take Justin long to explode his load with Jacobs talented mouth and hand jerking on his hard dick. When he came hard they both rolled over and went back to bed like nothing had happened at all.

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Boy Gusher – Justin And Jacob



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