Boy Gusher – Shawn, Corey, And Angel

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Welcome back to Boy Gusher, today I have Shawn, Corey and Angel with me. Shawn is in the middle and he is straight. I have Corey on the side who is gay and Angel is bi-sexual. Now that is quite an assortment of hot guys. Shawn states that he has never had a guy suck his dick before as Angel and Corey are fondling his cock in his jeans and underwear. He begins to get hard right away as the boys continue to fondle his dick. When they pull it out of his underwear it is hard and looks big and tasty. Angel takes a turn licking on it and then it is Corey’s turn to tease it with his tongue. They finally finish getting his undies and jeans pulled down a bit more and both of those boys go to work on that dick and balls.

Shawn tells me that it feels pretty good and as the boys begin to strip down to their underwear he continues to jerk on his own dick keeping it hard for them. The boys hopped back on that big rod and they both slurped and played with that cock. Shawn moans his pleasure over and over again as Angel sucks his cock and Corey teases his dick with his tongue.

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Boy Gusher – Shawn, Corey, And Angel



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