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I was afraid it would be a quiet night until I found Willie trying to walk back to the gas station. He had run out of gas and at 1am that is a bad bad thing. I picked him up and took him back to my house. He called his house and let them know he was safe and would be back tomorrow after he had filled up his tank and got back on the road again.

I got him settled into the guest room and then after I knew he was asleep, I crept back in and did what I love doing best, playing with a cock in soft undies. He was so tired from walking that he didn’t even notice at first. I slowly played with that dick until it was semi-hard then I began jerking on it, feeling it tighten and grow in my hand. I got the lube out and spread it liberally on his cock and began to jerk on it even more. (MORE)

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Boy Gusher – Willie



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