Brazil By Night

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Brazil By Night
Brazil By Night is a realistic portrayal of the points of view of male sex workers, known as “rent boys”, who work the streets of Rio de Janeiro for money. In between the answers, they have sex with each other and with their “clients”. First, hustler Alan Bueno recounts the first time he had sex with a guy when he tops his first John Sandro Maia in bed at a sex club. Next, the rain puts a crimp in business, so Alex Jr, Carlos Gomes and Ramon Lemos call it a night to have a 3-way where Carlos and Ramon takes turn bottoming for Alex in bed. Then, Vitor Jr. takes “straight trade” Luciano Andrade back to his apartment where Vitor does all of the sucking and Luciano does all of the topping. Finally, hustler Alan Bueno returns to show us his best moves when he tops fellow hustler Adriano Costa!
Studio: Pau Brasil
Director: Pietro


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Brazil By Night



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