Breaking In The New Guys

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Breaking In The New Guys
These guys have known each other for months, and had hooked up before, but just now got to fuck each other! They both have huge dicks (which is probably why they never fucked before). The chemistry between them is off the charts… but that’s hard to miss, even from the trailer. Even though they both have big dicks, and both prefer to top, this was an intense and amazing fuck. Austin’s dick is especially big, and you can see Alex try fighting it back a few times… but Austin is a bit stronger and wasn’t having it. Austin made it up to him though by letting Alex cum inside him— a first for Austin!

It’s Always Sunny in Phili…. San Diego, which is why we took the guys out to wash the car on the beautiful day it was. Even though it’s Jacob’s first time on camera, they all spent the weekend together getting to know each other, so when it came time to have sex with Austin, he was more than ready to take his huge cock. He was still a little nervous when they started, but once he realized it was just like they were alone, he opened up real quick. Spending all weekend with Austin teasing him, he jumped on his cock like he had been waiting years, and took it like a champ, too. Austin finally flipped Jacob onto his back and fucked the cum out of him… then pulled out and shot his load all over Jacob’s furry abs!

This was newcomer Alex’s first time in front of a camera with an audience, and he did quite well. He’s super laid back, as most Californians, and seemed to surprise Austin when he dropped his pants (his dick isn’t small). He didn’t talk about it, but according to what went on here, he loves to eat ass- Austin’s in particular. You can be sure we’ll be seeing more of him on cam in the very near future.


Breaking In The New Guys



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