Breed Me Aussies Strangers

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Breed Me Aussies Strangers
Bearded Aussie hunk Harry is in a horny mood and is home alone lying on the couch playing with his cock and balls. He is obviously enjoying some hot sexual fantasy, as it’s not long before his uncut cock is rock hard in his hands. Then suddenly the front door opens and his roommate Ali comes home from work and catches him in the act. However, as they are very good friends Harry’s smiling face shows that he is not in the least bit embarrassed, in fact Ali just returns the smile, takes off his jacket and reaches down to grope Harry’s exposed cock and balls. Ali has excellent hand and oral skills as he deep-throats Harry’s rock hard cock all the way to his pubes! The guys soon decide to move to the bedroom where it is more comfortable and start kissing and making out on the bed. The guys suck each other’s uncut cocks and rim each other’s buttholes until they are both primed and ready for some action. The guys fuck bareback with passion and when Harry cums, he breeds his mate’s hole then pushes his still hard cock back in using his cum as lube. The horny guys finish off when Harry sucking the cum out of Ali’s freshly fucked butthole and then Ali reciprocates by licking his lover’s cum-covered dick clean!


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Breed Me Aussies Strangers



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