Bring Me To Climax

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Bring Me To Climax
Javier Cruz tells Gaberial Isaacs that he prefers guys and offers to show him why. He kisses his buddy and soon has his cock in his mouth. They fuck in several positions before Javier can’t hold back and shoots a big load of cum. Chandler Scott and Jay Alexander are in the locker room discussing about the gym’s membership rewards. He takes that as the opportunity to start sucking Jay’s big cock. Jay then sucks him before bending him over and rimming his ass. After convincing Lex Sabre to stay in bed, Cesar Rossi starts kissing him and stroking his huge cock. Lex then rims Cesar’s ass and gets him ready for his cock. They fuck in several positions on the bed until Lex fucks the cum out of Cesar. Cesar Rossi is very stressed out and Rico Romero starts massaging him on the bed. It turns much more sensual and sexual. Rico gets Cesar out of his clothes and the two fuck all over the bed until they reach climax.
Studio: Pride Studios
Director: Gio Caruso


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Bring Me To Climax



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