Bringing Up The Rear

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Bringing Up The Rear cover

When Luke can’t get all of Dirk’s dick down his throat, he decides to put his own as far up Tuffy’s ass as it will go. Tuffy says, “Whooa man, not so fast … easy on my butt!” Dirk says, “Just relax” as Luke plows it all the way up into Tuffy. Luke easily moves his dick in and out of Tuffy and we can see that before long there’s a tight little ass pushing back. Tuffy is making faces and groaning, but you couldn’t pry him off of Luke’s dick. Watch as the dick slides easily in and out of Tuffy’s little round ass. If truth were known he is probably getting the fuck of his life. And we were there for every stroke! Matt and Tuffy switch places and Matt starts spreading Brennan’s cheeks apart and fingering his tight hole as Tuffy lubes up to go in for the kill on his buddy’s virgin ass. Tuffy starts slow and once he’s in he gives Brennan a good pounding. Brennan throws his ass back and enjoys the ride. Matt stands up and starts feeding Tuffy his long cock as Tuffy plows into Brennan and sucks away on Matt. Tuffy then stands flatfooted on the bed and bangs down into Brennan’s ass. Matt moves around and slaps Tuffy on the ass and then starts eating Tuffy’s ass as Tuffy thrusts in and out of Brennan!

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This clip from Bringing Up The Rear by Pink Bird Media features three horny army boys getting it on, sucking and fucking with more American paraphernalia in the background than you can shake a stick at.

Categories: Safe Sex Military Anal Muscles

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Active Duty


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Bringing Up The Rear



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