Broke Straight Boys – Aiden And Tyler

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Broke Straight Boys is very lucky to have back both Aiden and Tyler. They are in the studio today to film a follow up to their oral shoot; an anal scene. While Aiden has bottomed for other studios, he will be topping today which means, Tyler is bottoming. Tyler is never that keen on bottoming, however, once into it, the expression on his face tells the real story. I told Aiden that he would be getting $1000 for topping and that Tyler would be earning $1500 for taking such a big cock. (MORE)

Both boys stripped off naked while sitting on the futon and as I turned on the porn, without any preamble, Aiden leaned over and starting blowing Tyler. Aiden slowly slid the cock in and out of his mouth, putting his hard earned skills to use. Tyler was hard as a rock only a minute or two later, Aiden obviously working him just right. Aiden deep throated Tyler’s cock, making him gasp even as Tyler was wanking him off. They swapped; Aiden sitting back while Tyler went to work on the huge dick. Tyler soon had Aiden moaning for more as he bobbed up and down. Aiden, watching Tyler intently, wrapped a firm hand around Tyler’s cock and jerked him off even as he gasped each time Tyler twisted his head from one side to the other. (MORE)

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Broke Straight Boys – Aiden And Tyler



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