Broke Straight Boys – Diesal, Ashton, And Mike

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today, Broke Straight Boys is lucky to have three of the most popular models on the futon; Ashton, Diesal and Mike R. As both Diesal and Mike are confirmed tops, Ashton is going to be bottoming for them both today. The boys stood up and undressed, Mike jiggling his cock for the camera. They sat back down, all three of them playing with their dicks as they watched the porn playing on Diesal’s laptop. (MORE)

With Diesal and Mike hard in only a matter of a few minutes, Ashton was left half soft so they started the infamous BSB Wave, Ashton turning to his right and swallowing down Mike’s big dick while Diesal did the same with Ashton’s. Moments later, Ashton switched to Diesal as Mike went to work on Ashton’s cock. Ashton commented on how big Diesal’s cock was, making Diesal and Mike laugh, however, as Ashton resumed sucking on it, Diesal pushed his head down so Ashton was forced to go deep. They opened up the futon and lay down, Mike sucking Diesal who was blowing Ashton while Ashton was swallowing down Mike. Ashton called out Mike on his low hanging ball sac which led to Mike laughing about getting a ball sac reduction even as he played with his balls for the camera before they all switched it up with Mike going down on Ashton who was sucking on Diesal. Finally, Ashton was ready to get the show on the road. (MORE)

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Broke Straight Boys – Diesal, Ashton, And Mike



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