Broke Straight Boys – Jamal and Corey

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Straight Guys Giving Head

Straight Guys Giving Head

Jamal and Corey are both straight boys and while they are different races they do have several things in common. First off they both have cars that need work done on them and they don’t have the money to get the work done. So they both come to Broke Straight Boys and get a chance to earn some extra cash. These cars don’t just needs tune ups, they need some major motor work so the guys are going to have to go the extra mile to get that done.

Jamal likes what he sees so as the guys pull off their shirts Jamal makes a move and starts pulling Corey’s pants off. The guys get naked fast and Corey drops to his knees so he can take Jamal’s long cock into his mouth. Corey reaches under and cups Jamal’s balls in his hand. Jamal responds with a moan as he feels his cock getting hard in Corey’s mouth.

The two guys move to the couch and it is Jamal’s turn to show off what he can do. He has never given a guy head before, but he seems like a natural. He starts off a little slow as he nervous and shy, but it doesn’t take him long to relax and get into it. Corey loves it. He stands up and fucks Jamal’s mouth, driving his cock deep into Jamal’s throat.

Jamal is so turned on by Corey mouth-fucking him that he is rock hard. Both guys are so turned on, so charged up that they plop down on the couch side by side in desperate need of cumming. Corey pulls on his cock and explodes, sending a hot load all over his tight abs. He then reaches over, grabs Jamal’s long cock and milks it, causing him to erupt like a volcano. Corey strokes Jamal’s dick until he is drained dry. The two guys collapse on the couch exhausted. It felt so good next time they might just do it for free.



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Broke Straight Boys – Jamal and Corey



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