Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy & Rocco

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Straight Guys Kissing

Straight Guys Kissing

Broke Straight Boys brought a couple of guys back who had been on the site before, but were broke again and in need of money. The last time Jimmy was here he got naked and jerked off. This time he is made the offer to suck some dick and he says he is up for it. He even admits that he had been thinking about sucking cock for a few months now. He does draw the line and says that Rocco can’t cum in his mouth no matter how much they are offering to pay.

Straight Guy Gives HeadStraight Guy Gives Head

The guys get naked and check each other’s tight, hard bodies out. They are both hot and hung and relaxed in front of the camera so it doesn’t take much before they are grabbing each other’s dicks while kissing. Rocco takes the lead. He sits Jimmy down on the couch and swallows his cock down his throat. Rocco might be straight, but he has a talent for sucking cock because he deepthroats it without even gagging. Jimmy is amazed at how great it feels having his cock down Rocco’s throat.

After some amazing head from Rocco it was Jimmy’s time to shine. He had Rocco stand up, then he got on his knees in front of him and started sucking his cock. This guy has a natural talent because he gives such great head that Rocco is squirming and moaning with pleasure within seconds. Rocco loses the strength in his legs and has to sit down, but like a Pit Bull Jimmy stays attached to his cock. Rocco reached down and stroked Jimmy’s dick while Jimmy gave him head.

Both guys were close to cumming. Jimmy blew his top first, cumming all over Rocco’s hand. As Rocco was close to bursting Jimmy stopped sucking and started stroking his cock. He worked his shaft fast with long strokes until Rocco went off like a volcano and sent hot jizz flying all over his tight body and Jimmy’s strong hands.

Straight Guy Gay Sex

Straight Guy Gay Sex



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Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy & Rocco



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