Broke Straight Boys – Price And Daniel Fuck

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Daniel and Price are back in the studio after having decided that they will do an anal scene together. They have both done their solo’s and also an oral scene but it’s time to move things along. Despite them both being broke, neither of them want to bottom today, especially as they were both virgin’s to the cock, so it was decided that they should do ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and the winner would be topping. Price was somewhat horrified that Daniel’s ‘rock’ broke his ’scissors’ and thus, would be bottoming. However, as he needed money to take his band to Tokyo, he was willing to discuss a price while Daniel didn’t look too fussed about the price. After some discussion, Price was getting $1700 to bottom while Daniel got the standard $1000 to top. Surprisingly, Price admitted that he liked it when girls stuck a finger up his ass. (MORE)

They stood up and started stripping off, both telling me that they were nervous about what was about to happen. However, as Daniel took off his underwear, it was clear he was also excited as his cock was already half hard. I got Price to turn around and show the BSB members his perfectly shaped ass, Daniel giving a butt cheek a squeeze. Sitting back down, bi porn playing, Daniel jerked Price off. A minute later, he swallowed down the soft cock and started working on getting Price hard. It didn’t take long for Price to get rock hard as he pushed Daniel’s head down, forcing him to take more cock into his mouth. Daniel sat back as Price took the hard cock into his straight boy mouth, Daniel moaning for more almost immediately. Price bobbed up and down over the erect dick, experimenting with how best to give a blow job. He even did a little bit of deep throating as Daniel pushed down on the back of his neck. Price had obviously improved as he had Daniel panting hard as he relaxed back into the futon. (MORE)

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Broke Straight Boys – Price And Daniel Fuck



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