Broke Straight Boys Braden Shane And Sean

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

On the futon today, we have Shane and Braden while also welcoming back Sean. I told them that today, they were going to do an oral scene and asked them if they knew what a ‘circle jerk’ was? All the boys knew what it was, joking around ‘limp biscuits’. Shane, Braden and Sean decided that $650 was a good price for oral, and with that, they stood up, stripping off to their underwear. Straight porn put on, they sat back down and started working hard on their dicks, only a moment later, both Shane and Braden shed their underwear and continued wanking to the porn. (MORE)

With Sean taking off his boxers, it was time to get the show on the road, Sean leaning over and sucking on Braden’s hard cock while Shane swallowed down Sean even as he jerked himself off. From Braden’s moaning, it was clear that Sean had improved since the first time he gave head, Braden forcing Sean to go deep even as Sean choked on the huge cock. Sean decided he was going to try and deep throat Braden, Shane egging him on, though Braden was somewhat sceptical even when Shane said he would be able to do it himself. I told Sean I would give him an extra $50 if he was able to deep throat Braden. Sean opened his mouth wide and even though he choked all the way down, he was able to deep throat Braden’s monster dick. Giving Sean a round of applause for his efforts, I dared Shane to give it a go himself, Shane immediately kneeling in front of Braden and sucking on his cock. Only a moment later, Shane proved he was a professional by repeatedly deep throating the huge dick, both Braden and Sean watching in shocked amazement and as Shane pointed out, ‘no gag reflex!’ (MORE)

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Broke Straight Boys Braden Shane And Sean



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