Broke Straight Boys Cameron And Santos

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back a member favourite, Cameron while also introducing, Santos. Santos is 18 years old, Puerto Rican-Italian with dark hair and eyes. As he is unemployed, he needs to make some quick cash as he is about to move from Virginia. As I chatted with Santos, he revealed that he is bisexual and had been with quite a few guys but hadn’t been with one in a while. I said that Cameron was straight, Cameron piping up and saying he was currently seeing a girl. I told both boys that they would be doing an oral scene today in order to ease Santos into things, the boys being happy with $600 each for oral. (MORE)

Standing up, Santos and Cameron started stripping off, Santos revealing a lean but athletic build with a Mayan or Incan type of tattoo on his right upper arm. Upon being asked, Santos said that he liked the look of Cameron and I moved the camera in close so that the BSB members could have a better look at the light hair decorating Cameron’s chest. Sitting back down on the futon, clad only in their underwear and the straight porn playing, both boys started playing with their cocks in order to get hard. Cameron started rubbing Santos’ leg, prompting them both to take off their undies, Cameron grasping Santos’ long, uncut cock in one hand and slowly jerking him off while Santos did the same for Cameron. (MORE)

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Broke Straight Boys Cameron And Santos



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