Broke Straight Boys Mike And Daniel

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Broke Straight Boys welcomes back Daniel, who is joined on the futon today by another model, Michael. Last time Michael was at BSB, he appeared with Anthony, the pizza delivery guy. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Michael is bisexual but leans towards guys. I told the boys that they would be doing oral today and after a bit of discussion, we all agreed that they would get $500 each. They stood up and stripped off naked, sitting back down as the bi porn played and started jerking themselves off. Michael was somewhat amazed at how quickly Daniel got hard and I moved the camera in close so the BSB members could get a better look. With some steady wrist action, it didn’t take Michael too long to get his shaft stiff, his cock looking just as good as Daniels. I asked who was going to suck cock first, Daniel immediately gesturing towards Michael who just laughed. (MORE)

Sliding down on the futon, Michael bent over and swallowed down Daniel’s long cock. Right away, it was clear that Michael had some serious cock sucking skills as he had Daniel moaning almost instantly as he slid the hard shaft in and out of his mouth. As Michael leisurely swirled a tongue around his cock head, Daniel told me that it had only been two weeks since he last got a head job from another guy. Michael put his tongue piercing to good use, alternately rubbing the stud back and forth along the slit in Daniel’s cock head and licking along the side of the shaft. It was obvious that Michael was enjoying giving the blow job as much as Daniel was enjoying receiving it, Daniel even doing some quiet dirty talking to Michael. Daniel was so close to cumming that Michael pulled off and instead, pulled on his cock until Daniel shot cum over his chest and stomach. (MORE)

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Broke Straight Boys Mike And Daniel



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