Broke Straight Hunk Moshy

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Moshy is another HunkExclusive hot latino stud. He is a personal trainer, working in a gym fulltime. Moshy just turned 35 – kind of surprising! This guy has an awesome body for his age, he makes being a mature stud hot and even more desireable! Moshy spends most of this time at the gym working with his clients, and spends a lot of time in the locker room with them, checking out their bodies, their tone and progress, massaging their tired muscles and when he gets the invitation working on their cocks and ass too. He has a great touch, he brags, saying he gets laid by the guys he works with often, everyday if he wants! Something about a hot fit smooth bodied and well muscled trainer going down on your cock after a long hard session that makes me believe him. It is all part of the workout!

Moshy has a well muscled smooth chest and hard ripped abs, plus his thighs are huge and powerful, this is one stud that could fuck you so hard you would certainly feel the workout the next day in more ways than one! He plays hard and works hard too, doing several clients a day and we bet he fucks a few every day too!

There is more to this mature stud too, he shows us just a little of his favorite fetish – having his balls squeezed. We don’t mean just a little either, this guy likes them strapped up and squeezed so hard he is screaming in pain and pleasure! He just grits his teeth and lets out deep hard and hot growls like an angry horny bear as his tightens his grips on his balls and as the viens just pop out and make him look even hotter! Damn this stud is good! Get Moshy in his full photo and video sets now, exclusively from


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Broke Straight Hunk Moshy



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