Bryan Cole

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Bryan Cole
Bryan Cole, BDSM super-star, is beaten, fucked and made to cum in our dungeon. We take this stud way past his breaking point – but his cock never stops. First, he’s stretched to the max. Then, he’s jerked off and immediately has the soles of his feet whipped with a riding crop. Next, he’s made to suck his muscular young master’s cock. His master, Jared, shoots a thick load all over him, then Bryan is pushed to lick his master’s cock clean. Then he’s crucified! After hanging for hours in total agony, he’s jerked off and made to cum – while crucified! Totally spent, Bryan loses consciousness. When he comes to, he’s rope-bound on his back. Jared clamps his nipples and shocks his cock, then jerks him off again. Next, Bryan is tightly rope bound, facing a wall before being fucked hard with a massive dildo. Then, an electrified butt plug is shoved up his tight hole. Bryan moans, half in pleasure half in agony as his prostate is shocked. Jared then whips his stud’s muscular back and ass with a brutal, single-tail whip and shoves him down onto a steel dildo before making him cum for the fourth time. A bondage and punishment masterpiece.
Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Starring:Bryan Cole


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Bryan Cole



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