Buddies at Play with Straight Boy 2

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It’s more of the friends and the straight boy this week. The beers have obviously kicked in and these boys are just enjoying the moment for all it’s worth. Who can blame them? Erick is the lucky guy this time as both Adam and Ray are taking turns sucking his cock. For a straight boy Adam seems to be enjoying that cock thanks to some help from one particular brewing company.

Where it gets real good is when they switch positions a bit and Adam is in the middle. He has Erick’s cock in his mouth while Ray is sucking him off. Did I mention that Adam seems to know what he is doing with a cock in his mouth? I would say that he could teach Ray a thing or two. Maybe I spoke too soon as Adam shoots a hot load while sucking Erick. Good job Ray.

These hot straight boys just can’t get enough cock in their mouths. Adam gets hard again and Erick goes down on him while getting sucked by Ray. This straight boy is really getting into what is going down here. Finally Erick announces that he is going to cum. Have you ever shook a beer and opened it? It squirts. So does Erick. In a big way. Great taste. Less filling…

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Download the full length video at StraightRentBoys.com!

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Buddies at Play with Straight Boy 2



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