Buddies at Play with Straight Boy

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Gay Boys Erick and Ray wanted to have sex with their Straight College Dorm mate, and had a proposition for the StraightRentBoys Director: ‘If we bring him to you, can you convince him to have sex with us camera for money?’ It’s a challenge the Director was ‘up’ for.

Erick and Ray were successful at bringing their straight friend to the gay porn studio. At first it looked like it was going to turn out to be a disaster and the ‘straight guy’ Adam was going to run for his life. However, after offering him a beer and $400 just to ‘show his dick’ he finally started to loosen up.

Once he took out his big cock, the Gay for Pay porn Director David Adamson knew he had to make it work, so offered him another $400 for a total of $800.00. For $800.00 and all the beer he wanted, plus some straight porn, Adam was finally convinced.

Ray and Erick’s dream came true and they finally got to suck his big cock and take things to the next step with him. And after a couple more beers, straight boy Adam even sucked some cock himself. Erick seemed to try and hog that big straight cock all to himself, but then, who can blame him?

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Buddies at Play with Straight Boy



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