But You’re Older Than My Dad 2

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But You're Older Than My Dad 2
As a professional creeper, I have a few rules of thumb. First, once they have all their clothes off, it’s a fuck-ton easier to cop a feel. That’s why it’s best to start with a photoshoot and reel them in until they are naked and on a bed or a couch. Once a dude is hard, if you grab his cock, he’ll have mixed feelings that will benefit you in the long run. Although he thinks you are a fucking creeper, the sensation feels good – he will let you 99% of the time. Second rule of thumb: If he lets you eat out his ass, he will definitely let you fuck him. Once you’ve crossed that line and had some intimate time with a guy’s hole, it’s all cake from that point on. Third, compliment the hell out of them and they will probably do anything you want. The younger generation is vain and attention-seeking. Aston thinks he is doing a casting with Toby, who is around his age, but Toby and Clay trick him into getting some daddy dick. Demi is a virgin, but after a photo session he basically gives up his un-fucked hole for no good reason. Tristan has some light fetish experience, but has mixed feelings about gay sex. He gets pounded down by a guy half his age anyways, because he is broke and needs some money. All these guys get tricked into gay sex with a guy older than their dad, but whose fault is that, exactly? It’s almost too easy.
Director: Shane Aaron


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But You’re Older Than My Dad 2



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